Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am rebelling against the tyranny of titles

This is so true.

Well, not really. Today I worked from 8:30am - i.e. two seconds after waking - until 2:30 when I went for a three hour bike ride. Then I came home and made food and worked a little more. I should maybe be putting """ around work - this internship doesn't feel like work. But investigating phone plans was. Jesus.

Actually, biking the seawall was a little like work, much less fun than usual. It felt like one of the last hot days of summer - it's the shortening of the light rays - and every single human and tourist was at the seawall today. I should have known. They've shut down a couple kms of the seawall and re-routed people. Of course people cannot figure out how to navigate the seawall at the best of times, when it's just following a simple concrete line, clearly divided. I really need to just start yelling "BE AWARE YOU ARE MOVING IN THE WORLD" instead of politely trilling my passive-aggressive little bell while silently seething and projecting bitchface while trying to remember how tourists are. I am riding my bike! There are other bicyclists at speeds faster than you can walk! Be aware!

It was good once I got past the Second Beach clusterfuck reroute - I managed to keep up a good pace and only rested a little bit at Third Beach. It was good and hot but not summer hot - it was late summer hot. It's different. I bore down and made it up the hill at a steady pace - I kept imagining a certain man biking with me and tried to put on a good show for him. It worked really well. I think biking by myself so much allows me to coast some. I'm feeling better now. I need to push myself more. I need to write more too.

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