Monday, August 30, 2010

Is it Monday?

It's funny how even when you're working from home and the day before was exactly the same that the flavour of Monday is still so strong. I'm still sick but now that I've spent 12 hours at the computer my reality sensor is impeded as well.

Did this ever happen to you when you were a kid? My brother had a subscription to MAD Magazine when we were kids - we were both fans although he was a much bigger one. He eventually got Alfred E. Newman tattooed on his bicep. I always read it really fast and then just went back to whatever else I was reading. Some days though, for some reason, I'd pick up an old issue. And then another one. And another one. Until I'd spent around three hours reading MAD magazines. (This may in some way explain my personality on a fundamental level.)

When I'd finally close the last one, because it was dinner time, or I had chores, I'd lift my eyes from the page and the world would resemble a MAD comic for at least a while. This is unlike what happens when, say, you play Tetris for three hours and start seeing the world in different shaped bricks that you feel compelled to put together. The Mad filter always took a long while to fade and while I liked the comics I did not like the feeling that the editor had invaded my brain and I was seeing my world through his whacked out eyes. I was a pretty prim kid and I disapproved of MM. I didn't care for snot jokes or fart jokes or how they seemed (even to a kid) to go for the most obvious joke all the time. Anyway, after almost two straight weeks now I've been working 12-14 hours days on my laptop and I'm experiencing that weird sensation again - but this time the world is more like Firefox and since I spend half of that time moderating Jezebel and Gawker and the other half in a chat room plotting a new website...I feel like the world should have a google app, is what I'm saying. I welcome the implant.

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