Wednesday, September 1, 2010

That Eminem and Rhianna song

A music video came out this week, one that deals with intimate partner violence. It begins with a close up of Rihanna’s face, with her fucking fierce hair and her 500$ dollar eye shadow. It cuts to Megan Fox sleeping with some skeezy dude on a dirty bed, which is EXACTLY what I’d be doing if I were Megan Fox. Then back to Rihanna. She’s singing in that gorgeous voice of hers, and for a moment I think “Maybe this won’t be so bad.” A few seconds later, the recording fails and “I Love The Way You Lie” turns into a rap song. By Eminem. Who is literally the last fucking person I want to hear singing about intimate partner violence.

To me, Eminem will always be ‘97 Bonnie and Clyde, his song about taking a trip to the lake with his daughter to dispose of her mother’s body. Eminem has spent his entire career depicting women as treacherous, disposable punching bags, and nothing he has ever done changes that.

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  1. Con-sarn it! I wrote a response and it disappeared, so I'll summarize: I thought the video was powerful because of Rihanna, but it doesn't redeem Eminem even an iota. I don't know how Em operates, but I think this is a sneaky way of trying to build mainstream credibility while at the same time never actually apologizing/acknowledging his twisted history.