Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wyclef Jean Officially Abandons Haitian Presidential Bid
Singer will focus on the February release of his next album.

Jean said he will return his focus to his music career and prepare for the February 2011 release of a solo album, the title of which is now If I Were President, the Haitian Experience. The singer has already lamented his failed bid in the song "Prizon for the CEP," in which he attacked the Council and the country's sitting president.

"Some battles are best fought off the field, and that is where we take this now," Jean said in the statement, noting that his appeal was an attempt to shed light on the democratic process and "the functioning of a government that is often ranked as one of the most corrupt on the planet, resulting in a country that is by most measures the poorest in the Western world."

Wyclef stressed that the appeal was not just about his own candidacy — which was questioned by his former Fugees bandmate Pras and actor Sean Penn, who has been living on the island since February while running his own relief organization — but about pointing out the shortcomings of the electoral process to all Haitians.

"Though my run for the presidency was cut short," he said, "in this way, I feel it was not in vain; it's something we can use to improve conditions for my Haitian brothers and sisters."

I think we can all be grateful. Read more.

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