Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coup d'etat in Ecuador

At the time of this writing President Rafael Correa is a prisoner of the Quito police. Correa was taken under armed guard to the police hospital and has been held prisoner there since this morning. The police are protesting budget measures that cut bonuses and medals given with promotion.
The hospital is surrounded by armed and striking police. The country is without police protection and bank robberies and rapes have been reported in major cities. In what may be a first, the government of Ecuador declared a state of emergency via Twitter. The OAS is meeting now is Washington to discuss the crisis - countries around the world are condemning this coup attempt. President Correa spoke with the PM of Chile this morning, confirming this was a coup attempt. The Chilean president has affirmed his country's support of the democratically elected government of Correa joining a chorus of condemnation from around the world.